Fundraising Is Our Thing!

Fundraiser Policy & Deposits

Sip and Sign LLC Fundraising Policy

1. Fundraising events must be booked 8 weeks Minimum in advance to the date of the fundraising event.

2. At the time of booking, a Legally Registered Tax Identification number for the charity for which Sip and Sign LLC will be sending the money is required.

3. $100 Deposit is due before the 8 week in advance booking. Sip and Sign LLC will send you a link via email for this to be paid. The deposit amount will be refunded back to the card which was used for the deposit, if the fundraising event has exceeded 20 online tickets SOLD at least 1 week PRIOR to the fundraising event date.

4. If there is not 20 Online Tickets SOLD 1 Week before the deposit of $100 will NOT BE REFUNDED. Sip and Sign LLC will determine 1 Week prior to the event if the event will be CANCELLED or still instructed as our own regular Sip and Sign Night.

5. Sip and Sign needs to approve the venue if you are choosing it. Also, the name of the manager and a phone number of the venue will be required.

6. The Fundraiser will receive $10 per person. A check will be written and mailed out to the tax identification registered charity within 7-10 business days.